Voters headed to polling stations to elect members of the constituent assembly that will draft new constitution.

649 candidates are competing all over the country – divided into 3 regions, each of which will have 20 seats in the constituent assembly (including 5 seats for women). 6 seats were assigned for minorities; Tabu, Tuareg, and Amazigh. However, the latter will boycott the vote claiming that there is no mechanism that guarantees their cultural rights in the new constitution.

The head of the National Commission for Libyan Elections - Nuri al-Abbar, has called on Libyans who have registered for the election to go to the polling stations with “hearts full of glory and pride, to begin the construction process and attain the hope of the martyrs for freedom and prosperity.”

It is remarkable that more than a million voters are registered to vote and select the members of the constituent assembly that will draft the new constitution.