Last year’s biggest conference on Liberalism in the Arab world commenced in early December: On Friday (13.12.2013) young liberals from all over the world met in order to develop a common vision on the basics of liberalism and thereby bridging the gap between the manifold existing definitions of Liberalism.  On Saturday (14.12.2013) renowned Arab liberal politicians further followed this line and discussed the basics of liberal thought and its implications for political programs. The conference closed with the development of  a joint statement on Liberalism, which is to break the currently existing barriers between the numerous liberal parties in the Arab world

Following the AAFD conference, the International Federation of Liberal Youth organized a conference, entitled “Youth determine: a unified liberal vision”, on the 13th of December. The conference took place in partnership with the alliance’ youth wing and was sponsored by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), VVD and D66.

The General Assembly of the Arab Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AAFD), as well as the annual gathering of the alliance’s youth wing,  took place in Cairo in December last year. In the framework of the General Assembly, the AAFD has furthermore organized a regional conference, which took place under the title “Towards a Unified Vision and Program for the Arab World”. The conference brought together the various political parties that are members of the Arab Alliance and thereby successfully bridged the gap between the manifold visions and programs of Liberal Political Parties throughout the Arab world. Particularly noteworthy is that renowned European politicians also participated in the conference in order to discuss Europe’s vision of the 30th of June Egyptian Revolution as well as the aftermaths of the so-called Arab Spring with the interested audience.

Over the weekend, young political leaders from Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon came together in Ismailia for a two day workshop on Liberalism and facilitation skills. The event, entitled “The basics of liberalism – a hands-on workshop for future trainers of liberal political youth organizations” was organized by the Arab Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AAFD) in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), Egyptian Democratic Academy (EDA), and theDutchLiberal Party (VVD). The aim of this activity was to train moderators and trainers who will develop and manage cultural activities by themselves in their own countries. This workshop is part of a series of workshops. The first one was held in Tunisia and the next will be held in Morocco in October. The best and promising participants of those three workshops will be invited to attend an advanced training in Europe in November this year.    

El Salamawy, Member of the Boardof Trustees ofthe Free Egyptians Party was chosen as the spokesperson for Egypt’s constitution-amending committee. Formed after the 30 June revolution, this committee is responsible for amending the Egyptian constitution. Mr. Amr Moussa, former Egyptian Foreign Minister & founder of Congress Party has been elected as the President of this committee.